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Bachelor/License in Visual Arts UNESP

UNESP Art Education Master

Artistic Experience

12 BIENNIAL OF MERCOSUR- 2020: Guest Artist , with the work Marias de Minha Vida, about family research of images, documents to rescue the possible origins/paths of the surname Maria

Adelina Atelier -2020: Resident Artist


Professional Experience


Afro Brazil Museum - 2013-2017

Accessibility Educator

Activities: Educator specialized in educational visits, bilingual character, or general public. Specific visits for public with specific needs, disorders, high skills and over gifted.  Creator of workshops in visual arts. Trainer for teachers, educators (Universities, Home Foundation, Culture Factories)


Sesc Pompéia - second semester 2019- Creativity Workshops

Activities Accomplished: Theoretical trainer practices. Course: "African Arts


Sesc Paulista- second semester 2019

Activities: Practical Theoretical Trainer. Course: Decoloniality, Gender and Ethnic Racial Relations in Latin America.



Activities Performed: Construction of text for catalogues on Maria Ausiliatrice artist.


Sesc- UNESP-UFRGS -2019

Activities Performed: Speaker at the International Congress on Teaching and Learning of the Arts in Latin America. Theme: Gender and Race in Visual Arts



Works of Art Education


FATELIKU-2020: Center of Studies of the Faculty of Education of USP focused on the debate of gender, race and religiosity. Member- guest.

HUMBER COLLEGE-2017 (CANADA): Trainer at the Seminar "The State of (In) equality" on Afro-Brazilian Art.

SPARKS SCHOOL-2019 (SOUTH AFRICA) : Development of Workshop on Afro-Brazilian Art. Construction of Stencil Art Panel at school

MBUYISA MAKHUBU PRIMARY SCHOOL-2019 (SOUTH AFRICA) : Development of Workshop on Afro Brazilian Art. Construction of Stencil Art Panel at school

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